"Mr Satan Goes To Wall Street", an Occupy Musical, performing NOW in NYC!"

Mr. Satan is a hardworking anti-hero antichrist who has been laid off due to hellacious budget cuts. He finds himself obsolete in a world where humans have become self-sufficient at doing evil. "After all, Steve Jobs, who earned millions off of slave labor, has been made a saint". To win his job back, he must restore the balance of good and evil in the world, sorting out the many motives of the Democrats, Republicans, Union Organizers, Occupiers, Anarchists, and Lovers. Who will Satan side with in order to get his job as Chief Evil Officer of Hell back?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mr Satan Goes To Charlotte!

Team Satan has officially relocated to Charlotte to celebrate the wonderful world of the DNC. And...also to poke fun at them from the streets outside their little convention. You can catch the first #DNC performance of "Mr Satan Goes To Wall Street" in Marshall Park, Tomorrow, September 3rd at 9PM. Here's a map. See you there! MR SATAN COMMANDS YOU!

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  1. So sad I didn't get to stay for the performance. Hope it went well. Use that 5$ well. :)